There Are Things That It Is Better Not To Talk In Front Of The Children

When children are young, parents talk in front of them about different topics without thinking about whether or not it is a good topic for their little ones, because since they “don’t understand” what is being talked about, it doesn’t matter. As children grow older, their parents may continue to have this habit, not realizing that children do begin to understand what they hear, and there are conversations that are best kept private; children do not have to listen to everything!

While it is true that honesty with children is necessary, it is also necessary to understand that they cannot participate in an adult conversation because their cognitive maturity is not developed. They may misinterpret some things, or they may simply not be ready to hear others.

Senior things

When children begin to understand what adults are talking about, parents sometimes, so that children do not want to know everything that is being said, they say things like “they are grown-up things. In this way, the parents think that this way, the children will stop listening to the conversation. But if they are in front while they speak, they will listen to each and every word you say.

Special care must be taken in family gatherings where adults begin to speak, and in the heat of the moment, they do not realize that children are present. It is dangerous to do this and is best avoided at all costs.

Do not speak in front of your children.

Do not talk in front of your children, things that are better than silence because it can be dangerous. Children listen, and even if they don’t seem to understand, they do it better than you think. And if they do not understand it at that moment, your words may remain etched in their memory and that when they grow up, they will understand perfectly what you wanted to say. Even when you think they aren’t listening to you, they are.

Even if children do not understand what you are saying or do not ask you anything, they can confuse what you say and what is worse, they can be scared of your arguments because they do not understand them. Can you imagine that you have an important family conversation and then your child tells it at school because he doesn’t understand what you said or how important it is not to tell it? And if she does tell, it is not her fault, since she should not have witnessed that conversation.

Conversations that you should not have in front of your children

There are banal conversations like what are you going to buy at the supermarket or when are you going to see your grandparents, that the children can be in front of you. In addition, it is necessary to bear in mind that it is important to be able to talk about everything with the children, but everything in its own time. There are other topics perhaps more complicated for them to understand, which it is better not to speak in front of them. If you think there are things you don’t have to listen to, it is because you shouldn’t.

  • Criticize other people
  • Talk about sexual issues.
  • Talk about financial problems.
  • Talk about housing-related problems.
  • Couple conflicts
  • Conflicts related to loved ones (uncles, grandparents, etc.)
  • Talk about illnesses or sick people.
  • Discussing difficult topics, such as the death of a loved one

While it is true that there are certain topics that are better to avoid, there will be others that need to be addressed. We mean talking about death, sex, or other topics that should be heard from you first. The issues that should be discussed with children, it is necessary to be careful to avoid emotional problems in the present and in the future.